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Garden Landscape West Cork

Clonakilty Garden and Tree Services offer a range of landscaping services in West Cork in order to optimize your garden design and layout for a perfect outdoor living space.

After all, it is very important the way you make use of your garden, reaching through a well-thought landscape to the perfect balance in between garden aesthetics and garden practicality. Therefore, the transition between spaces is very important in how you make use of your garden, and also how it frames the whole home. Garden decks and fences, floral rockeries, pathways, and patios give a pleasant flow and use of your garden possibilities.

Garden Decks

A well designed and constructed deck will add value to your home and provide quality space to spend time with family and friends. With today’s modern materials your deck will require minimal upkeep. It can be a simple pad or elaborate multi-level deck where you can include multiple garden features as benches, barbecues, bird feeders, small wells or hot tubs.

Garden Fences

Most gardens need boundary walls or fencing. Planting climbers or large shrubs might be a solution, but at some point, the level of maintenance of vigorous growing climbing plants or shrubs can become overwhelming 

Fencing has become a popular solution, especially in urban gardens. Custom built fence to provide a clean and effective screen. Timber cladding or shiplap is an ideal fencing solution It creates a clean background boundary making planting displays more prominent and striking. 

A painted finish to the fencing makes an exciting backdrop and your garden much harmonious and more inviting.

Clonakilty Garden and Tree Services provide a range of custom built fencing services and garden fencing fitting service for the West Cork gardens in the following finishes: boarded fencing, post and panel fencing, timber wall cladding, shiplap fencing, chain link fencing, trellis screening.

Garden Paths and Borders

The way a walkway is designed in our west cork gardens can have a major impact on your garden landscape.  Well designed pathways protect your ground and grass from foot erosion. Also, you can define borders, introducing curves and direction variations. The material and patterns you use can add a pleasant contrast with the whole garden layout, adding visual interest and leading the eye to various garden focus points.

Before laying and introduce your pathway design into your landscape you have to take into consideration that the material you use is very important. For example, the main entrance and very high traffic walkways, use more firm, subtle materials, while the garden paths can be done with loose gravel.

The basic materials you can have to get a landscaping surface into your yard are crushed stone or pea stone, pavers, stamped concrete, natural stone or bricks.

Turf laying 

Your garden can get an instant neat result by laying a lawn from turf. It proves to be the best solution for people with children or pets as you can be back on the lawn within a couple of days of laying.

Although laying turf is a quick way to achieve lawn cover, soil preparation before laying turves is very important.

The best period for laid turf is any time between mid-autumn and late winter whenever the soil is not too wet or frosty. It needs good soil preparation, digging/rotovating the site, adding manure or organic matters, eliminate perennial weeds that might show, let the site settle for up to two months, finish with treading and fertilising.

Grass seeding

Seeding is less expensive than turfing. A wider range of seed mixtures for particular conditions is available from seed than from turf. 

Seed quality is important as cheap seed blends are often contaminated with weeds, or perennial ryegrass. There are many different seed mixtures available to gardeners: general-purpose lawn, fine lawn and shady lawn.

As a result, coupling both practical and aesthetics, landscaping is necessary for providing paths, pavements, curbs, fences and decks, borders, and beds. 

  • Garden Decks
  • Garden Fence
  • Garden Paths and borders
  • Lawn preparation
  • Turf laying
  • Grass seeding
  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Lawn preparation
Loggery great for wildlife
Bespoke fence to screen a hot tub
Deer and rabit proof fence
Topiary shrub clipping in ornamental form

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