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Clonakilty Garden and Tree Services was founded by Paul Baker who started his horticultural apprenticeship in 1990 at Capel Manor College in the UK. Paul later went on to become the Head Gardener at a large public park in Essex. In 2000, Paul joined a gardening contractor servicing private gardens where he also trained to become an arborist and landscaper. He has worked in the industry for over 20 years. Paul is passionate about gardens, trees, and the natural environment and prides himself on transforming outdoor spaces as well as providing a safe and professional service. Extend your home into your garden!

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Clonakilty Garden and Tree Services

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Your Wildflower meadow

It’s at this time of year that I always find myself contemplating sowing my own mini flower meadow, using a joyful, high-octane mix of fast-growing, ultra-colourful, pollinator-friendly, mood-lifting, hardy and …

Chop, chop it’s pruning time!

To a non-gardener, the idea of cutting back a growing plant as a way of encouraging it to grow, seems, quite understandably, like an inexplicably odd and entirely counter-productive thing …